Smoke’s Greatest Hits


Welcome to the archive site for the stories, columns, original video, audio and music from Smoke Music. Over the course of several years, Bob Moses and collaborators such as Nathan Salsburg, Holly Anderson, Don Fleming, Jeff Rabb, Warren Elwin, Leslie McCleave, Phil DiFiore, created a singular, personal survey of music and culture. Smoke presented – with generous contributions of time and exclusive content from artists, labels and filmmakers – an unusually wide scope of musical interests from traditional, rural American traditions to Baroque opera to first-hand accounts of the punk revolution. Bob’s more current writing can more often be found on No Depression and Huffington Post, with short items on Pinterest, Twitter, and Facebook; he remains involved in building good reads and online experiences that point to essential music, culture, food and wine. This site is now our Greatest Hits – it’s worth a browse.