Our Fascination with watch movies online free

Movies bring out our emotions and are really fascinating. Sometimes you’d probably wonder why you are binge watching a season of your favorite program. That is because we cannot be satisfied until we know what happens in the end. That is just how we as humans are made. We are curious cats who can’t really be content. This is what movie makers are counting on – human nature and what compels us to get our daily fixes of movies and shows.


Human Nature

In so many years, filmmakers discovered lots of clever ways to capture our attention and move us through a dramatic plot. If you look at it from a psychological perspective, you’d find that we are drawn to the movies because of what we are as humans. Human nature like our motivational drive, imagination and social engagement all falls here and makes us continue coming back to the screen for more shows and films.

The Science behind Movies

When filmmakers create movies, they appeal to all of our senses and our human emotions. According to psychologist Tim Smith, the phenomenon called watch movies free synchrony is responsible for this attachment. In one study that he conducted, he was able to record eye movement behavior as select individuals watched films. He found that all the subjects fixated on the same spots on the screen at the same time.

Film makers have a way of directing our attention to a certain point using acting, set design, sound and movement, not to mention the great editing afterwards. They want to capture moments with the audience and make them feel exactly how they want us to feel and make us think exactly what they want us to think.  This is the science that is the magic of movies.

Getting Movie Fixes

Movies could either be a past time or a serious hobby but no matter what kind of fan you are, everyone loves movies. It brings us to a world apart from ours and for a while, we can either relate or live someone else’s story. To be able to watch movies online free is the best thing this era has offered us movie fans as of yet.