About Us

Smoke Music Archive presents the music publication we always wanted to see — and that could only be possible now. Artists we admire playing authentic music – to watch, to listen and to experience. Writers with insight, and performers reaching audiences with new work and personal expression.

Why Archive? We produce original new stories and present them with context that makes them deeper and richer. Video, audio and images from international archives and private collections, material we know how to find, acquire and present. We go beyond the traditional roles of review and interview: when we have the chance to work with artists we admire to create new work, we will partner with those artists to produce and distribute the result. You’ll see it first here.

The Smoke partners will build SMA from their experience in audio and video production, writing, editing, and digital development. Nearly all are and have been musicians, music producers, writers and composers. Our collective experiences and personal histories inform every story and every new production.

The fine print: Smoke Music Archive Terms of Use

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